The Week

The obvious reason why the West is at war with Islam was published – in no uncertain terms – in the magazine “The Week” in their Vol 8 edition, Issue 391 (dated 12DEC08) .

Quite simply, the war is about banking systems.

The entire economic structure of “the West” is based upon the charging of interest for loans and the charging of interest for the issuance of currecy. 

Factually, the Islamic religion prohibits the charging of interest.

To wit:

On page 42 of the Vol 8 edition of “The Week”, Murice Greenberg of the Wall Street Journal is quoted, saying:

punitive usury

“…the Federal Reserve gave AIG…an $85 billion line of credit at a PUNITIVE INTEREST RATE of more than 14 percent”

Punitive interest rates? Not only is the charging of interest a source of evil power, it can be used as a punishment!

Two pages earlier in the edition (page 40), Frederik Balfour of Business Week is quoted saying:

“Muslims must avoid…charging interest on loans”

Islamic Prohibition

How much plainer can it get? Not only are Muslims prohibited from aquiring “excessive debt”, but they simply may NOT charge money for the loaning of money.

And that is the reason for war.

Think about it this way – if you live in NYC, and you go to the bank to borrow $20k for a new work truck for the sake of the success of your business, the Western Bank says “Here, take this $20k, go buy a truck, which we (the bank) will own. If you manage to pay us back $23000, you will have a truck, and we’ll have $3000 profit. If you fail, we will have a truck, and you will be our debt slave until you pay us $23000.”

Whether you succeed or fail in your business – the BANK WINS.

If you live in an Islamic country, and you go to the bank to borrow $20k for a new work truck for the sake of the success of your business, the only way the bank can make any money out of the loan is by becoming a partner with you, and sharing in the profit from your success. If you fail, not only do you lose – the BANK LOSES TOO.

The Banking families of the West – the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Goldmans and Sachs, who control the governments of the West through the issuance of currency, have demanded war with the Islamic world so as to prevent the loss of the power they hold by means of charging interest on loans and the issuance of currency.

They cannot bear the competition of a banking system that does not charge interest.

No one will point this out to you, because television networks, newspapers and mainstream internet portals are all in debt to those same families.

Was it not Henry Paulson of Goldman Sachs who went to the US House and, according to Sen Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma, threatened to institute Martial Law if the citizens United States would not give him $700 billion, no strings attached? How can anyone deny that the government of the United States is held hostage to the banking families when that kind of event can occur?

Yes, there are differences between the cultures and societies of the Western World and the Islamic World. None of those differences are great enough (or pressing enough) to excuse the situation we find the world in today. The truth is plain, published, printed and profound.

The fastest and simplest way to peace on earth, or at least a peace between the West and the Islamic World, is the elimination of the power of the western banking families to issue currency and charge interest on loans.