The Patriot Axe Message



I am The Patriot.

I don’t back down. I don’t pull punches. I tell it like it is, whether it be pretty or ugly, popular or unpopular. The Truth is ┬átheTruth, no matter where you find it.

My country – the United States of America – has been and remains the target of a cabal of International Bankers, Businessmen and Politicos. They work behind the scenes to undermine the freedoms the people of this nation hold so dear. They work to ruin our culture, our economy and our future. They do this for their own benefit.

I fight to free my countrymen and myself from this despotism, known universally as The New World Order, or the Illuminati.

Denial of the existence of this state of affairs is pointless, as the evidence is obvious to any observer. Denial of the existence of the occupying force is pointless, as they have (in recent days) plainly and blatantly announced their presence.

Fight with me. Pass this information on. Don’t be intimidated by the “Tinfoil Hat Inquisition” that would seek to tear your power away through ridicule and insult.

By means of the force of logic, will, and courage, we can win the battle against the New World Order.