UPDATE: 08JAN09 – Bizjournals.com is reporting today that “Abercrombie & Fitch Co. (NYSE:ANF) posted a 24 percent plunge in same-store receipts for the month.” The month in question is December, 2008…that’s right – Christmas. My dancing shoes are ready…

It was Nov. 26, 2008. The website 24/7 Wall St. ran a delicious article entitled: “The Black Friday Ten: Retailers Who May Not See 2009”.

Great article about the death of a few of the “luxury” mall holes that bruise the face of the United States. It was fun to poke at J. Jill, Talbots, Williams-Sonoma, and Saks. The thought of their snotty mall staff looking for work at Ross or K Mart gave me a titter.

But what of the great unholy evil that is ABERCROMBIE AND FITCH?

What of the nazi clothing store? What of the Klu Klux Klotheir (that hired my black cousin, but never actually put him on the schedule)?

Would Black Friday (get it – BLACK Friday) bring the hammer down on these assholes?

Well, it looks like the Spirit in the Sky is dealing out the justice, and yes, Abernazi & Bitch will cease to exist. The Huffington Post today reported that “Teen retailer Abercrombie & Fitch, which has resisted deep discounting, saw a 28 percent same-store sales drop” in November. Hot DAMN!!!

I have my shoes and I can’t wait to go to my local mall and Stomp Dance in front of the gaping maw that used to be occupied by the Fascist Fashion hole!