heads on sticksNo one loves a good revenge fantasy like America – me especially, I must admit. We grow up on it here. Whether it be the generation of “Gunsmoke” or the generation of “The Crow” or any other generation. If you are alive in America today, you are very likely to be a big fan of “Heads on Sticks”.

Not that every other group of people in the world doesn’t love a good revenge story. It’s just that we Americans are unique in history as being not only the most obvious lovers of revenge, but being the most heavily armed and heavy handed of revenge fans. Ask the Taliban.

So here we are, and each day the calls to revenge upon the criminals of the past regime get louder, and more numerous. Truth Commissions…indeed. Even the UN says there’s enough evidence to prosecute some of the Bush Regime members of War Crimes.

At the same time, America finds herself nationalizing some of her major industries. Banking. Automobiles. Construction. Nearly every penny of nearly 1.5 trillion dollars, is in some way, going to be used to merge the government and the corporations into a new Corporatist State.

So. Revenge Fans. Anger. Crime. Guns. Public Outrage. Populism. Corporatism. Nationalization.

This is so very reminiscent of the story of Benito Mussolini, and the rise of Fascism in pre-WWII Italy. And no one here realizes it. 

We all love a good Head on a Stick, but we better start being aware of the danger we are creating for ourselves. Once you get started on the¬†guillotine, it’s real hard to stop. A Modern American Reign of Terror is likely to be a horrifying thing, and most people wouldn’t really like it that much, once it progressed to their doorstep.

Wake up, folks. We have a structure of law to punish the guilty. Let’s try to stay within that structure – no matter how much we’d enjoy a Head on a Stick.