heads on sticksAs noted in the previous post, this author perceives in the American populace a present rage towards their natural inclination to violent vengeance. As noted previously, this author is greatly disturbed by the thought of an Amercan Vigilante movement.

Which leads to this post, which will – hopefully – point out to even the most outraged and furious American that, to a great extent, punishment is accounted for in our law. On that note, specifically, let me address The Bankers.

The outcry for criminal (and civil) prosecutions of those truly responsible for the horrendous damage done to America by banking institutions is currently so loud  that it shakes the ground. The hosts of one television show recently theorized about beheading The Bankers.  This will not do.

Why? The outcry currently heard on the streets in America is misguided. The Bankers should not be tried in any Criminal Court, nor should they be subject to any Civil Suite. 

The Bankers responsible for the American Economic Collapse of 2008 should be tried in a Military Court for the crime of High Treason.

America is, and has been for quite some time, in a State of War. Knowingly  committing an act that harms America during a State of War is called Treason. American Law has but one punishment for those who commit Treason during a Time of War – that punishment is the firing squad.

There is ample evidence to prove that many of The Bankers and their political lackeys did knowingly and willfully commit acts that they knew would be incredibly destructive to the American Economy, the American People, and through them, the American Military. Certainly, there is testimony to the  fact that-  in the days leading up to the passage of the Banker Bailout Bill (or TARP) – Secretary of the Treasury Hank Paulson told members of Congress there would be open Martial Law on the streets of America if his masters didn’t get their money. That act was Treason, by Paulson and his masters at Goldman Sachs.

Anyone with eyes can see that the Bankers have wreaked a kind of devastation on the American people that no turban-wearing extremist could ever have dreamed possible. The damage to us, our children, our way of life, our Servicemen and Women, and our future is of unprecedented scale.

When Pearl Harbor was bombed, we knew who did it, we sought them out and we punished them. Our economic system almost crashed on Sept. 18th, 2008. Our country, our economy, our Military – our very way of life – almost ended – and we know who did it. 

It is the responsibility of the highest ranking US military officer, President Barack Obama, to seek out the Traitors who attacked our country, to bring them before the court, to present the evidence against them, and if they are found guilty, to assure the American people that the guilty will be brought before a firing squad, and shot through the heart. 

This is not vigilantism – it is the Law. This is not revenge – it is the Law. This is not partisan – it is the Law.

Dear Mr. President – for  the Defense of the Nation,  the safety of the public, and the future of this great nation, please uphold and enforce our Law.

No Heads on Sticks required.