“The Earth itself is more important than the people on it.”

earthworshipThat statement seems to sum up the new “Earth First” religion. It is not a new thought. Any slave-owning land master from our past could have told it to you – a Roman, a Greek, an American or Russian oligarch of landed status.

The fact is, the truth of that idea depends on the value an individual places on any unique human life. If you are a slave owner, and your priority is the production of cotton, you don’t care nearly as much about the negroes farming your land as you do about the yield that the land produces, and the profit you make from it.

If you are an egalitarian, or even simply a decent human being, you have to value the people first, and the yield after. You’d also be well warned (and most likely aware) that this thought form can be dangerous, and from time to time it gets a carpenter nailed to a tree.

At present, the “Earth First” concept is being elevated to the status of a Religion. Some well-intentioned people fervently believe, without solid proof, and against the historical record of the planet, that the paltry few humans residing here are somehow affecting the climate of the planet. Partisan “scientists” cook (and sometimes get caught falsifying) climate data to support the tenant of the new religion.

The undeniable, scientifically provable fact is that the only constant in the climate of the Earth is CHANGE. Greenland, which is now covered with ice, was quite recently a vineyard. A little while back (by geologic time) a good chunk of North America was under a glacier. Change is the way the climate of Planet Earth works.

So, why the sudden elevation of the Earth Religion to world prominence? Simple – it’s all about the taxes.

What taxes, you might ask? Carbon Credits, my friend, Carbon Credits. 

With the First World turning away from fossil fuels, the idea of generating revenue through the marketing of fossil fuels is a dying prospect. And so, with a first world using electric, solar and wind power, how will the Illuminati replace the income they’ve previously made from oil..? By charging you to BREATHE, by charging you to live.

As anyone knows, and as is easily proven, carbon is not some deadly poison, it is one of the four essential elements required for life. And so being, it matters not your color, religion, culture or area of origin – you breathe, and you may be taxed for it.

Don’t believe me? Check out: http://www.carbonfund.org It is not the law yet, but the groundwork is being laid. If you like, you can be an early adopter, and just go ahead and voluntarily turn over part of your income for the glory of breathing.  

So, where does that money go???  Check this out: JP Morgan Chase  !!! Yes, that’s right, directly to the international banking cartel that just raped the economy of the world!!! GREAT, RIGHT!?!?!?

Hear me now, Free Humanity:

If you want to help “the Earth” take money away from international banking cartels and use it to modernize the manufacturing sector of  Third World countries. 

If you want to help “the Earth” take money away from international banking cartels and use it to modernize the family planning sector of  Third World countries. 

If you want to help “the Earth” take blood away from the members of the international banking cartels and use it to fertilize the fields of the blessed Earth.

Hear me now, Free Humanity:

I will NEVER pay for carbon credits. I might contribute a few hot ounces of swift-moving lead to anyone stupid enough to try and force me to pay for them. But I will simply NEVER pay for the right to breathe.

Will you?