UPDATE: 28OCT09: Bloomberg is reporting that “California’s Assembly will consider lifting its 96-year-old ban on marijuana, decriminalizing the drug and taxing it like alcohol”.

Assemblyman Tom Ammiano. is quoted as saying:

image “It is time to take our heads out of the sand and start to regulate this $14 billion industry. By doing so, we can enact smart public policy that will bring much-needed revenue into the state and improve public safety by utilizing our limited law enforcement resources more wisely. The move toward regulation is simply common sense.”



image CNN is saying it plainly – “Patients in the 13 states where medical marijuana is legal can now light up without fear of federal reprisal”. US President Barack H. Obama, following closely on the heels of his Nobel Peace Prize, took the first real step towards ending America’s failed Drug War.

The Drug War – the longest war America has ever been involved in – has been waging uncontrolled since 1985 – thanks bunches there Nancy Reagan. The war has always been – first and foremost – a War on American Citizens. We were bound to lose, as there was no other possible solution to the damn thing.

It is this authors hope that the great number of conservatives expressing such utter outrage at everything the sitting President does will stop for a moment and note that it was this “liberal democrat” who first stepped forward to recognize state’s rights in regard to the medical use of marijuana.

Although the war is certainly far from over, this step is the first solid step to come out of Washington in a quarter of a decade of horrible loss, damage and ruin. Good job Mr. President – Nobel Peace Prize Achievement Unlocked.