Gaza is an overpopulated, underserviced, dangerous, shattered and burnt out hell hole. It is also an urban concentration camp where the average life expectancy  of any given person is about ten minutes away from any given moment. Really – just do an image search for “GAZA” if you have the stomach for it (and if you don’t, make sure your “safe search” is on lest you have nightmares for the rest of your life).

Conversely, Dubai is a glittering, peaceful, yet under populated post-modern Paradise. Really – just do an image search for “DUBAI” and see for yourself that it is Xanadu in the Sand. A LOT of that money that disappeared from the Western Economies (like the US and Britain) in $140-a-barrel oil, and derivative-based banking crime went into pretty buildings in Dubai. Those buildings now sit empty.

Between Gaza and Dubai lies the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a self identifying Muslim monarchy, fat and rich beyond belief with the profits of oil (see above) and the prestige of being the location of Mecca.

And so, with those three facts established, here is The Gaza Solution:

MOVE TO DUBAI 1.) The King of Saudi Arabia will, in accordance with the teachings of Muhammad in the Holy Qur’an (Chapter 107), purchase enough empty apartments in Dubai for every family in Gaza, and provide them free of charge to said families. They will also provide funds for these people to get moved, settled and started with industry and commerce in Dubai.

2.) The people of Gaza will gratefully and honorably GTFO, with not a single word of complaint or one look behind them.

3.) The Israeli military forces will provide safe, secure, pleasant and peaceful passage for the people of Gaza from their burnt out wasteland of a prison camp to the nearest available airport.

4.) The people, companies, and government of Dubai will be incredibly grateful for this instant population which will be the salvation of their burst-bubble economy. They will say so loudly and often.

5.) The area of Dubai the Gazans move into will be renamed “New Palestine”. This will be proclaimed a “WIN” for the Gazans, Palestinians, and through them, a “WIN” for the Islamic World in general.

6.) The “Mainstream Media” of the world (and most especially that of the United States and Europe) will loudly and persistently announce this “WIN” to the four corners of the Earth.

7.) Since the Extremist Muslims of the world have been telling us that the war on the Gazan Palestinians is a war on Islam, they will recognize and pronounce the “WIN”  and therefore have “Victory”. No more Extremism (at least over this particular cause).

And so, everyone wins.

If the children of Gaza are a couple of thousand miles away in Dubai, it’s gonna be a lot harder for the Israeli Army to shoot them.

If the Emirate of Dubai doesn’t find some people to live, work and do commerce in their glittering city, it’s going to be an incredible waste of finance (and not much of an Emirate at all, really).

If the Leaders of the Muslim World do something awesomely kind, productive and peaceful in the Name of Islam for all the world to see, it sure would go a long way towards convincing the non-Muslims that Islam really can be a “Religion of Peace”.

So, get to it folks.