BBC is reporting today that Indian Muslims say they do not want the gunmen killed by the security forces during the attacks in Mumbai to be buried in Muslim graveyards.

Why not? Well, according to Ibrahim Tai, the president of the Indian Muslim Council,  they (the terrorists) had “defamed” his religion. He is quoted as saying, “They are not Muslims as they have not followed our religion which teaches us to live in peace.”

How about that. The man is taking the RELIGION just as seriously as the POLITICS.

What a fine lesson for all the other Muslim citizens of the world. Put your money where your mouth is. If Islam is a religion of peace, and terrorsits defame it, let their corpses rot in the street, rather than giving them a grand parade.

Amazing, in a small way, that it has taken so long for a Muslim to stand up on the world stage and let us all know that there really are people out there facing Mecca each day with a true conviction in their hearts – a conviction that goes deep enough to demand consequences of those who claim to follow Muhammed, yet not obey his teachings.

Rock on my Indian neighbors, rock on.