Great idea from t3knomanser over at the fark forum today…

In relation to making politics a system that works:

“The first, practical step, is self-repealing laws. I propose that every law passed should include a preamble that describes the exact goal of the law. It should include a section that describes how to measure the law’s impact on that goal. For example, if a gun law is supposed to reduce violent crime, the law must state in the preamble: “This law should reduce violent crime by 10%” and later on describe the methodology used to quantify the amount of violent crime. The law must also include self-correcting measures. For example, if the reduction in violent crime is only 8%, certain remedial provisions kick in (more money for law enforcement), but if the law doesn’t really seem to be effective at all, it should automatically be repealed. No legislator need suggest it be repealed, if a law does not meet its stated goal, it should be repealed automatically, without human intervention.”