Quick – why I think it is possible that the NWO has technology we can’t even imagine, or “The Case for Government Secret Technology”

1.) SOMETHING fell into a farmyard in Roswell TX in 1947.

2.) The local newspaper reported that it was a flying saucer.

3.) THE GOVT came in and said “Nah, weather balloon”, which – in time – we find out is a lie.

4.)1991 – the GOVT says it was actually Project Mogul, a balloon array for long term detection of Ruskie nuke tests.

4.) 1997- the GOVT says it was REALLY high altitude parachute testing.

So, between 1947 and 1997, not a single person involved with the High Altitude Parachute Testing said a single word. Not the guys who designed the chutes. Not the guys who put the dummies on the plane. Not the pilot. Not the statisticians. Not the budget officers. Not even the farkers who gassed up the aircraft.

50 damn years of utter silence from EVERYONE involved in the project…

So, yeah, I think IT IS POSSIBLE that the GOVT has technology that we don’t know about…keep that in mind when reading the next post.


PS – how timely is this????