I found this posted anonymously out there in the wild…thought it was pretty good…here it is, verbatim:

“here’s top 3 reasons why im votin’ Obama.

1. Foreign policy.
Obama made the right call on the war in the first place, and realizes that Iraq will be ready very soon to take off the training wheels. He’s not a pussy about defending our interests abroad, striking out at our terrorist foes in Afghanistan or Pakistan – and yet he is willing to go the diplomatic route (which i may remind you is a shitload cheaper and more effective) with sincerity and earnestness.
2. Government Debt.
Republicans are NOT the party of small government. Bush has ballooned the size of the government (see: Iraq) and the size of the national debt is the largest it HAS EVER BEEN, and China is picking up the tab. How the fuck do you negotiate with the Chinese when they own a huge chunk of our debt? This is a crucial foreign policy weakness.
The Iraq war, the Republican tax cuts (Obama’s: tax hikes to +600,000 will wash with cuts to everyone else), and the rest of the bloated corpse of the Bush government is stinking up the place and causing problems. Obama’s plans will reduce this debt and tell the Chinese to f**k off.
3. Environmental & Energy vision.
Drilling is a bit like using tin foil to patch a submarine. Its worthless to talk about. What’s really needed is a way to wean America off of oil and become a leader in researching, developing and producing new forms of energy that are going to be the way the world works for the next 100 years. This isn’t just about national security, its about the very future of our country as a global leader!
Obama’s (and Biden’s!) focus on developing new and sustainable technologies – which will result in jobs and (hopefully) energy self-sufficiency for America’s future. Oil is a FINITE resource, and the less of it there is, the MORE each barrel is going to cost and the more Americans are going to have to pay out the a$$ for it.
4. BONUS REASON: it’ll piss the south off”