As has been posted here quite a few times, the new religion of Man-Made Climate Change really has taken a gigantic ass-whipping lately. Climategate, Glacier Gate, I could go on with it forever.

But that’s not the point – this time.

The point is that, no matter how hard you beat down on a cult member, they always come back. Point to Reverend Moon’s economic empire, and the devoted Moonie will say it’s just great. Point out that the founder of Scientology told his army buddies that he would start his own religion when he got out, and the devoted Scientologist will stick his fingers in his ears and sing la-la-la.

And so it goes with the devoted Carbon Cult member.

In light of the recent complete and utter dismantling of the base of their freakish ego-driven religion, it is to be expected that they will use the considerable wealth and influence at their disposal to strike back.

Just today, on the front page of my fave news gathering site was a post asking us to “visiualize gathering ALL of the Earth’s water and atmosphere into one huge globe for each of them.”

Oh, how puny and delicate our precious little space ship earth, right?


You got all the air, all the water…what about us people? The “anthropogenic” part of AGW? What if we AND ALL OF OUR STUFF were made into a globe too..?

Well, you’re not supposed to think about that.

So, of course, here it is: