Sometimes, the best information is in the comments…as with this today, as commenter ROYC posts at Crooks and Liars:

“There are hundreds of examples of how trickle down, laissez faire economics have failed over the last 40+ years. It should be conventional wisdom that without government making fair rules that protect the lower classes the power will move upward. Soon in a pond of big fish they will keep eating each other until there is no more food and the pond it self dies. The problem is even with all the facts and evidence in the world there are thousands of very loud voices controlling about 90% of all media claiming that black is white, up is down, and the earth is flat. The average person hears seemingly intelligent people spout about their misery and tell them that the “other” is the cause. That is so much easier to believe than the rather complicated truth. I have the sinking feeling that the war is all but lost and the destruction of the U.S. will come within to thunderous cheers and a standing ovation from the people that will be hurt the most.”

Well said, Roy.