How about "President Cheney"?

Sound good?

What? No?

You don’t like the idea of a President Cheney?

Well, what if people started blowing themselves up in crowded shopping malls (instead of just lighting up their underwear on an airplane)?

And what if a suitcase nuke took out…oh, I dunno…Miami?

And what if the sitting president simply wouldn’t just go bomb the crap out of everyone who was brown suspected?

How would you feel about a mean ass, butt kicking, no-wimpy-excuse-making President Cheney THEN?

Well, you still might not be thrilled, but America has trailer parks full of 60-point-IQ rednecks and retards who would be thrilled with the idea.

And they would do their duty to keep Amurr’ca free by getting RFID chips in their hands, too.

You need to read this book:

The book is free.

You can download it as a pdf, or just read it online.

Go! Read it!