GOP_ROLLBACK_2012So now, this year, some kind of National Healthcare (or at least some amount of regulation over the Insurance industry) has come to pass in America. That leaves two years for people – ESPECIALLY THE ELDERLY – to get used to it, whether or not they decry it as communism. Oldsters can get pretty attached to things they profess to hate. Take Medicare for example.

Peruse, if you please, this congressional report for 1962, which has many a virulent quote railing against the bill that was Medicare at the time:

Tucson man: "Not only is it unconstitutional to provide compulsory medical aid, but it is also very unwise. It is just another socialist scheme to destroy our sovereignty."

"Prescott housewife: "The aged people do not need this system of help, and it is just another way to take the individual's dignity away from him and make weaker people become captives to a dole system."

And on and on…BUT NOW:


Ok. So, how is this going to work for the GOP in 2012? Are those same oldsters going to want to GIVE-IT-BACK! GIVE-IT-BACK! GIVE-IT-BACK!

History says no…

Perhaps, if there were some …other issues… the GOP could tie in with a Healthcare Rollback…


Best of luck there, Mrs. Palin.