Let me take you back – back to October 16th, 2009.

A lady wrote on her blog that the TSA in Atlanta had taken her child at the airport. The blog entry about this event went nuclear, and was all over the net.

Now, let’s be clear – this was a blog entry by a private citizen (not a NEWS AGENCY).

Within 24 hours, the TSA had indentified the footage of this person in the Atlanta airport (out of all the hundreds of thousands of people who went through that day) and had posted the FOOTAGE of the event to the internet.

Now, let’s be clear…no change to airport security was required after this event. The President was not notified. CNN did not create any special screen graphics.

But the TSA published the footage. In ONE DAY.

Now we have the so-called “Underwear Bomber” non-event, and guess what! No Footage. Not even a week, two weeks later…

Well, why? Why NO FOOTAGE?

Answer: this was a False Flag Operation, and you are not supposed to be worrying about which corrupt government agency screwed it up, you are supposed to be cowering in a corner begging the TSA to full-body-scan your children, and cavity search your behind.

Yes, several first-hand witnesses (passengers on the plane) report seeing an “official-looking” man guiding ol’ Mutty onto the plane, and another individual cam-cordering the whole flight.

And now, here we are, days and days and days later, and just like the footage of the plane going into the Pentagon, we are all in the dark.

With our eyes closed.

And with our shiny new chains on.

Welcome to AirSchwitz.