vaxinocide With the flu season upon us, schools started back, and no massive burning piles of the dead, some are starting to seriously ask the BIG question: WHY?

Why is there so great a push for vaccinations?

Why does the “necessity” story keep changing? – Remember just a few weeks ago when you were gonna need 4 shots? Now it’s one?

So now, here in no uncertain terms, I am going to tell you WHY there will be an attempt to vaccinate hundreds of thousands (if not hundreds of millions) of Americans, and millions (if not billions) of humans world wide. And I’ll do it in one sentence. Ready? Here it is:

To create a large future customer base for the Pharmaceutical, Health Services, and Health Insurance companies, that’s why.

Why now?

In a very very short period of time, perhaps as short as two years, there is going to be available – for the first time ever – serious incontrovertible evidence that childhood vaccines are the root cause of the incredible increase in brain-system disorders (like autism, ADHD, et al).

How is that going to happen?

Well, the Vaccine Risk Awareness Movement is (in its widespread and modern post-youtube form) almost five years old now. Very soon, it will be quite easy enough to use digital health records to show that children in families that DO NOT vaccinate (or choose a greatly reduced alternative schedule) have vastly less incidence of childhood brain-system disorders than the children in families who are following the Federal Guidelines for Childhood Vaccination.

This information won’t just be about a secluded religious sect in Illinois, and it won’t just be about a commune of hippies in Oregon. It’s going to be about people from all walks of life, every race, creed, color, religion and – maybe most importantly – from every economic strata. When the numbers come out, the great majority of Americans (and hopefully, Humans) are going to severely stop vaccinating, or at least cut back on the number vaccinations they give their children.

That’s going to be an incredible blow to the profits of big pharma. Vaccination sales (and the cost of treating the fallout from the damage they cause) account for billions in profits. That profit is going to disappear, overnight.

The fact that future generations aren’t going to have such incredible rates of brain-system disorders (autism occurrence alone rises 10-17% per year, currently) is going to mean the loss of an INCREDIBLY PROFITABLE group of customers for both the Health Services Industries and Health Insurance companies. No more armies of poor little Billies and Susies who are going to need 8-10 pills every day, and expensive time consuming treatments.

The profit loss there is going to be staggering.

So, what’s a poor beleaguered Evil Empire to do, facing these expected devastating losses?

Create a new customer base, before it’s too late – that’s what.

According to the NIH, back during the swine flu vaccination debacle of 1976, “The estimated attributable risk of vaccine-related Guillian-Barre syndrome (GBS) in the adult population was just under one case per 100,000 vaccinations".”

If everyone in America were vaccinated with the new H1N1 shots, it would be naturally expected that THIRTY THOUSAND people would be either dead, or struck with Guillian Barre syndrome (which is, by the way, fantastically expensive to treat, and can’t be cured!).

Now, if there was any funny business behind the scenes..perhaps an upping of the percentage of squalene and/or mercury in each dose – who knows how many fantastically profitable zombies could be created? And, hey, if you’re going to create a big group of brain-damaged vax-slaves to generate profit, why start with anyone other than the very youngest? Those clients can drip profit for you for the longest period of time…

Anyone hear the Powers That Be saying who gets the vaccines first? You guessed it: pregnant women and small children (yes, staring as young as six months old).

And that’s why a low-risk, quick spreading flu virus was released back in April – to panic the populace into taking a brain-damaging poison that will create profits for the Pharmaceutical, Health Services, and Health Insurance companies for decades to come.

That’s why.