DON'T TAKE THE SHOTS Channel 5 out of Cincinnati reported yesterday about the start of swine flu vaccine tests in the city. The ugly piece about the report, is this statement:

“The studies of 2,800 people under way will test the safety and effectiveness of vaccines developed by drug makers.”

The word there that’s wacky bad is “effectiveness” – which is also called “efficacy” in Clinical Trials lingo.

Why is that bad?

Your author holds and Associates in Clinical Trials Research, and worked on several flu vaccine studies between 2006-2009.

I can assure you, with no doubt, that to prove efficacy in a vaccine takes at least 10 months. NO LESS.

Safety, or at least some kind of general re-assurance that people aren’t going to flop out on the floor and die within minutes of an injection, can be measured (again: TO A CERTAIN LIMITED EXTENT) within a few months.

The article says that, “Children’s Hospital Medical Center is among eight hospitals involved in the tests, which are intended to develop a vaccine before the start of the winter flu season.”

The winter flu season is about six weeks away. There is NO WAY this intention can be honest.

I don’t know if this article is propaganda, or if the author is just ignorant.

Either way, I call bullsh!t.

And remember folks, there’s a reason why the the United States has the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) – because sometimes, vaccines kll people, and unfortunately, it’s almost always children.