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From fark User “Observatory”

Wouldn’t it be terrifying if President Obama was repeatedly told about imminent threats against the nation, and he simply dismissed them out-of-hand? And what if the US was attacked, and he just sat in a classroom, reading a kids’ book, because he didn’t know what to do? 

Wouldn’t it be just awful if President Obama started ignoring the Constitution, and declared himself unaccountable to anyone? And what if he started cranking out “signing statements”, began pardoning people who were instrumental in outing a covert CIA agent, or allowed White House emails to be deleted in complete defiance of the law? Worse yet, what if he started wiretapping American citizens’ phone calls, and started snooping into their internet activities?

Wouldn’t it be truly dreadful if President Obama lied our country into war, and then started handing out no-bid contracts to war-profiteers who didn’t give a flying fark about the safety of our troops if it cut into their obscene profits?

Wouldn’t it be downright disillusioning if President Obama poured billions into an unwinnable war while our infrastructure, our schools, our hospitals and our entire economy were left in complete ruin?

Wouldn’t it be devastating if President Obama encouraged the deregulation of everything from banking practices to the inspection of food coming into the country?

Wouldn’t it be profoundly disturbing if President Obama continued on one of his many vacations while a major US city was wiped-out by a natural disaster? And what if he completely ignored the victims of said disaster in the aftermath, and just allowed them to die?

Wouldn’t it be absolutely disastrous if President Obama appointed incompetent cronies to important positions, like Attorney General? And what if his appointee started purging the department of experienced, competent people based solely on their political affiliation?

Wouldn’t it be morally reprehensible if President Obama condoned the use of torture, or the unlimited detention of people without charge or trial?

Wouldn’t it be an incredible outrage if President Obama insisted on tax subsidies for corporations making record profits, or tax incentives for companies that outsourced American jobs?

Wouldn’t it be unbelievably humiliating if President Obama consistently made a fool of himself in public settings, and became the punchline of every late-night monologue due to his ignorance, his inability to speak coherently, and his drunken displays at international meetings of import?

Wouldn’t it be overwhelmingly embarrassing if the stature of the United States was irreparably harmed every time President Obama opened his mouth and proved how God damned stupid he was in front of the entire world?

Wouldn’t it be fantastically detrimental if President Obama was deliberately divisive at a time when the country most needed to come together? And what if he started saying things like “You’re either with us or against us” and you knew he meant YOU were against your own country if you didn’t just toe-the-line and accept his way of thinking?

Wouldn’t YOU find it totally unacceptable if President Obama did any of the above?

Well, I’m sure YOU would – and I have no doubt that if President Obama even thinks about doing any of the aforementioned, we will be hearing from ALL OF YOU immediately.

That’s because real Americans don’t bow their heads and accept such behavior without speaking up, despite being called anti-American, terrorist-loving appeasers, non-patriots and socialist freaks.

Despite your abject silence over the last eight years, I am sure you will suddenly find your voices again, at-the-ready to decry even a perceived affront to your rights, your freedoms, and your liberty as citizens.

What a pity it will be eight years too late.