Is Wikileaks "Insurance" File Footage of 9-11 Pentagon Cruise Missile?

August 5th, 2010 by admin

insurance When it was announced that  Wikileaks had posted a 1.4 gigabyte "Insurance" file, it made this author wonder:

"What is that big, and that dangerous?"

Since Wikileaks has already proved that Americans simply do not care about anything that goes on in Iraq or Afghanistan, it simply can’t be more documents like the ones they have already released. So…what can it be?

The only thing I can imagine having that kind of staying power is the footage of the Pentagon from the morning of 9-11.

The Pentagon is (and always has been) one of the most highly surveilled buildings in the world. On the morning of 9-11, American Security forces went immediately to every business within sight of the Pentagon and confiscated security camera footage.

We know that the attack on the Pentagon that morning was one of the most copiously filmed events in human history. Yet, to this very day, only three blurry frames of footage (from a parking lot camera, natch) have ever been released to the public.

Somewhere out there is a copious amount of film of something hitting the Pentagon on the morning of 9-11. Lots and lots of footage…maybe 1.4 gigabytes worth?

Why Aren’t Companies Hiring Worthless Dumbasses?

July 26th, 2010 by admin

image On page six of “The Week” July 30th 2010 issue, in the “Controversy of the Week” you’ll find the title “Why Aren’t Company’s Hiring?”

There is a VERY simple answer to this question.

Medium and large size companies are not hiring back their company morons and do-nothings. And they never will. The recent economic downturn gave every company that wanted it the opportunity to let go of persons who did absolutely nothing for them.

If you could go into most offices with a truth serum and forcibly inject everyone in the room, and then ask them to point at the person who did no work all day every day, they would all do it. Or at least they would have done it in the past. The people those “forcibly truthful” employees would have pointed out are now gone. They are not coming back.

Every company above a certain size used to have within it at least a few employees who had mastered the art of doing everything-but-work. In the company I used to work for, one of those people was Cubicle Oprah. This person managed to spend seven of every eight hours talking to her fellow employees in the office or to her children over the phone. If one had put a camera next to her desk and reviewed the tape of any given work day, the compilation of her actual working time would have been shorter than a typical American situation comedy television show.

I’ve been told by former workmates that the second the economy turned sour, Cubicle Oprah was laid off. And that is no surprise. The managers of the office knew just as well as the employees that Cubicle Oprah did no work every day. Of course, with labor laws the likes of which are common in America, no one in the company had the balls to just walk up and tell Cubicle Oprah to get to work. But when the economy tanked and everyone else started to do it, the managers gladly let Cubicle Oprah go.

Another person who had mastered this incredible “no-work” talent was Mr. Phone. Again, almost every medium or large working group will have a person like Mr. Phone. Of any given eight hour day, Mr. Phone manages to spend 6 to 7 hours talking on his cell. Everyone in the office knows this. Mr. Phone does not actually work for the company or with the group, he spends time in the company’s space and talks on the phone. When the economy provided the company with an opportunity, they let Mr. Phone go. And he is not coming back.

NPR Economics correspondent Paul Solman, quoted in Newshour, Sep. 2009:

“No wonder productivity soared in the second quarter of the year, fewer workers, more output, higher productivity.”

Oh, you bet, Mr. Solman. Those people who actually have jobs, and actually work while they are at their jobs, are being more productive than ever. For two decades (or more) no one worried too much about being perceived as the office’s Cubicle Oprah or Mr. Phone. Not so with the present time and most likely not in the future.

The age of getting paid to do nothing is over, and it may never come again.

Now get back to work – before you get laid off.

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I Left My Wallet at Home, Please Don’t Deport Me

July 20th, 2010 by admin

This past weekend I took my family to a nice restaurant downtown.  Having had a wonderful dinner, it soon came time to pay the check.  It was then that I discovered I had left my wallet on the dresser, back at home.  This was not really a big deal, I was not trying to buy alcoholic drinks and my wife had a credit card in her purse.  I had not even done the driving!

I had nothing to worry about my current situation.  I did, however, start thinking about what might have happened to me if I were resident of the state of Arizona.

Fortunately for me, I am as white as a white gets.  No one who looks at me for even a moment will doubt whether or not I am a white person.  But what if that were not so?  What if I were a second or third generation American citizen, who just happened to be of Hispanic descent?  Who just happen to leave his wallet home that day?

And what if, on the day I forgot my wallet, it had not been the arrival of a dinner bill but a regular traffic stop that had alerted me to the fact that my wallet was left behind along with my ID?  Would I and my family have been sent to a bus and carted off to a FEMA camp to rot in obscurity beneath the burning Arizona Sun until we died (or someone of some importance noticed that we were missing)?

One can readily see that it will be all too easy for this very situation to occur, if it has not already occurred or is not already occurring, in Arizona today, tomorrow, and sporadically for the foreseeable future. Sometimes people forget their wallets and purses.  Placing the entire populace of America under the threat of incarceration simply for the fact of being forgetful and not white is a ridiculous situation.

Let there be no doubt that the pending "papers please" law in Arizona is an invitation to disaster for everyone living in that state, be they black, white, brown or yellow.  The paranoid state of "them vs. us" inevitably leads to fear, and fear leads to hatred, and hatred inevitably leads to violence.

I was able to leave the restaurant without my wallet and without fear.

I do not live in Arizona.

I am not brown.

If you live in Arizona, no matter what your skin tone, I suggest you change your surroundings.


North Korean Sissy Pants

May 30th, 2010 by admin

Every now and then I read something really amazing in the comments of  another website, and it just blows my mind. And some things are too good not to republish.

Thusly, this comment about the North Korean state of mind made by IO9 commenter "lodown":

"The Economist had a review of an interesting-sounding book that addresses the subject of North Korea’s political ideology (The Cleanest Race: How North Koreans See Themselves—And Why It Matters, B.R. Myers.). Other commenters  are correct; it’s not a socialist or even a communist regime. It’s a ma/paternalistic dictatorship with a healthy dash of racist ethno-nationalism. Quote from the article:

"Ideas of racial purity lie at the heart of North Koreans’ self-image. Since the regime’s founding, they have been taught to think that they are a unique race, incapable of evil. Virtue, in turn, has made Koreans as vulnerable as children.

Korea’s history, the regime insists, is the history of a child-race abused by adults—Chinese, Japanese and American. Pure, spontaneous and naive, Koreans need a caring, protective leader. The upshot is the Kims’ peculiar cult, of state-sponsored infantilism.

You see no chin-thrusting depictions of father or son on the monumental streets of Pyongyang. In art as in life, both Kims are effeminate and podgy. Warnings against fleeing to China are conveyed as directed at a squirrel who wanders too far. In paintings, Kim Il Sung tucks children into bed. The nation lies at the ‘breast’ of Kim Jong Il and his party. As commander-in-chief of the armed forces, Mr Kim is even called ‘Mother General‘."

If the regime were simply communist or Stalinist, it might not have had the staying power it does have. But it’s succeeded because it’s given North Koreans an appealing way to make sense of their lives: They’re better than everyone else, which is why the Korean peninsula has been the object of so many imperialist schemes (it’s the political version of, "Haters! You know you want this! Ya’ll is just jealous.") So their lives have purpose and meaning–they’re the Chosen Race with a special destiny to fulfill. Their hardships can be blamed on hostile, envious foreigners. And Dear Leader will protect them as tenderly as a parent would protect his children.

A Confucian-influenced society is particularly good for perpetuating these beliefs. The current elder generation is made up of those people who were involved in the Korean War and in whom the memories of Japanese and American occupation are strongest. These grandparents act like agents of the state within their own families. Meanwhile, the rest of the world doesn’t want to mess around much with Pyongyang, since the costs of intervention are too high (most forecasts of what would happen if the regime fell are incredibly bleak).

You couldn’t create better conditions for sustaining a brutal, crazy dictatorship even in the best dystopian fiction."

Well, that goes a long way towards explaining this:

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More Arizona Poking

May 12th, 2010 by admin

This is pretty darn good:

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